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(Morr Music, september 2001)
It is not easy to cross the abyss of this evening. Today's record is called 'Scary World Theory'. The abyss comes with the turning of a single button. The salvation comes with wonder. This Munich wonder undoubtedly has all the features of a pale perfection. It is easier to fall in love with its leader, Valerie Trebeljahr, than with hyper-beautiful Mangas. From the first second, a sexual, whispering vocal pulls you into a hypnotic trance. Unexpectedly pleasant lightness, as witnesses say, follows the separation of the soul from the body and accompanies it into dazzling white light. 'There was no reason to complain'... The lyrics are the exceptionally strong continuation of melodies in other ranges, which are inaccessible to opera divas. Unusually soft and beautiful nuances of electronic monotone patterns slowly change each other. Particularly full clarity of melodies are realized by keyboard sounds. Everything is camouflaged with a calligraphy of modern, disappearing electronic sounds, which is typical of a group whose musical tastes include Stereolab, Buffalo Daughter and Aphex Twin. However, it is useless to seek their traces in Lali Puna music. This sound is unique. It soaks into you and stays inside. You will be waiting for a long time until it falls into pieces, single letters and boredom, but that is ridiculous and impossible. The only way to understand - to go and look into these musicians' eyes.
[igun shakor:14:10:2001, thanks to helen philip]

When we were publishing our excited review on Scary World Theory in October, 2001, google-dot-com found only 5 (five) links throughout all the World Wide Web. Less than one year has passed, and there are more than four thousands links there. I wish to stop any mathematics at this place. One from Sonar's headliners was for two days in Russia. The group which makes all attempts to imitate them quite futile, and I don't know who from the electronic world's heros might boast of this reputation. I wrote in October, that it's the second band in my life, which I would wish to see alive... although, I wished simply to see into their eyes. Both wishes have come true.

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